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 Hi Monique,

I think I can speak for everybody in saying you did a wonderful job organizing everything!! From what I could see, everyone had a BLAST!! Thank you so, so much for all the hard work you put into this. I can't imagine (well, I can) what went into wrangling all those ladies, but you handled it superbly!!

 Thank you again for having us, and be sure to count us in next year!


Prairie Caravan

 (P.S. That last number was just toooooo much fun! LOL)

Thank you so much for the oppertunity to dance at your event.
You did a marvelous job
Your whole crew of volunteers were super
What fantastic show that show was
The variety of dancers was spectacular
It was great to watch a whole array of dance tecniques all in one
show like that.
Hopefully by next year I'll be in a troupe
No more solos for this gal. lol just about lost my mask half way






 The show was FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I had such a great time!

             Thank you for taking such good care of the donations on our behalf. I had passed my card onto one of the fabulous dancers and had conveyed my apologies for having to leave. I told my husband that he should have come as he jumps around the house every so often and that he would have been in his element on stage!!! Can’t wait until next year’s show!

             Talk to you soon,


(from Osborne House Inc)


Dear Monique,
 this years Shimmy was absolutely flawless, and All the thanks goes to you and your gift of organization.  So Thank you soo........much...!!!!!!   You can count me in for the Shimmmy Bar-B-Q.  Now what does one wear to a shimmy Bar-B-Q ??????   Love you honey and your wings were incredible.  smile and hugs Carol



Hello  Monique

What  a  fantastic  evening.   I  couldn't  have  asked  for  a  better  event  for  my  students  to  debut...  for most this  was  thier  first  stage performance  and  only  had  thier  dance  captian  or one  more advanced  student  with  them when doing trio work.   They  were  so  excited  to  have  had  the  opportunity  to  dance.   Its  a  resounding  'can  we  do  it  next  year'  from  everyone.   

There  was  such  a  great  vibe  in  the  theatre.   Fantastic  job on  the  event...  Summer  Shimmmy  rocked!

From  one  gypsy  to  another...  have  a  great  week  and  hopefully  can  take  a  little  well  deserved  R&R.





Hi Monique,
Congratulations on creating such a wonderful show!  All you work came together and it was a beautiful evening of dancing.  Thank you for you hard work and open invitation to dance.  I really enjoyed it.
And thank you so much for getting the video ready already!  Wow!  I am planning to host a tribal workshop and performance (open to all styles) next spring (March) and I would like to talk to you sometime about your experience with all the planning etc.  
You pulled together a really great evening.  Good for you for raising so much dough for Osborne house!  AWESOME!!!
Heather Flynn (avani soul)
Here is my dance site:
Stay in touch!


Hi Monique,

I think everyone has said it already, thank you. To everyone that was there; its always great to come together as a dance community so that was awesome. Namaste and happy dancing,


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