How it all started

Once upon a time.....

In the spring of 2009, Belly Dance instructor Monique of Gypsy Moon Belly Dance, wanted to create a show for her students to perform what they had learned throughout the year. But not just any show, one that was an encouraging environment for belly dancers to showcase their talents and accomplishments to friends, family and fellow dancers – and to raise money for Charity. Monique believes this dance form benefits and empowers women on so many levels; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

For the show, she hoped all stages of belly dancers; from beginner to professional; teacher to student; soloist to troupe; would come together to celebrate the beauty of belly dance, with everyone promoted equally. For the first Summer Shimmy Cabaret, Monique contacted a former teacher and invited her and her students to perform in the show as well. It was small event held at the Park Theatre Café, but all who attended enjoyed themselves immensely.

The next year Monique decided to put out a call to other belly dance performers from all walks of life. The response was overwhelming! She ended up with a fabulous variety of performers from every genre of the dance! There were Egyptian Cabaret dancers and American Tribal Style dancers and all the fusions and combinations in between. The energy was amazing with over 40 performers and all women! In 2012 the show added a Bollywood troupe to the line up.

Still being held in the intimate Park Theatre; the Summer Shimmy Cabaret has gone from a single handed production just for the love of dance, to something Monique never envisioned! What started out as a way to encourage a small group of of wonderful students to feel beautiful in their own skin, has turned into an accidental success and a tribute to all women and to dance.

The Summer Shimmy Cabaret - Started by the love of dance and the hope of helping others in need.

But we are no where near.... 

The End


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