Who We are!

All those involved with the Summer Shimmy Cabaret!

Thank you to all for volunteering time and services for such a great event and cause!

Director/Producer: Monique Coté 

email: moongypsy@live.com

Duties: venue booking and communication with sound and light tech; poster and ticket distribution and sales; music collection and playlist making; performer recruiting; program scheduling; stage direction; email and phone call communication with performers; charity communication; organization of volunteers; website design and maintenance; book-keeping / record keeper; media coordination and promotion of event; herding all the dancers and other volunteers.
(and performer, choreographer and instructor with Gypsy Moon Belly Dance). 


Assistant to Director: Richard Middleton (Monique's wonderful husband)

Duties:  basically helping Monique where ever it is needed and making sure she doesn't lose her mind. :)

 Media Designer, Video & Photography Coordinator: Robert Cote - Creative Director of Kik Inovation (& Monique's Brother)


An amazing  graphics and marketing genius! Rob designs our posters, programs and tickets and has been our wonderful photographer in the past. He now helps finding new photographer volunteers. Rob also looks after the video of the performances.

MC:  TBD  

Advisors and "whatever we need 'em to do" Volunteers:

Kayla St. Germain: ticket sales, additional fundraising such as silent auction, anything else delegated & performer with Prairie Caravan & Soloist

Darcy  Kulczycki :

Co-Troupe Director of Prairie Caravan Tribal Bellydance; Tribal & Fusion costume designer & owner of Nhazama and our advisor on performing events!


2017 Photographers:  TBD for 2017

Past Volunteers: Carol Marshall Clark, Mike Clark, Laura Warren, Deb Martens

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