Summer Shimmy Cabaret Revival!
Sunday, June 4, 2017

2017 photos and videos are up!!!

The show was AMAZING!!!!

We made just over $1000 to divide between the two charities.

Thank you to all the performers who gave their time

and talent to this year's show!

I am so grateful & honoured to know and perform with

such amazing dancers!

Without them there would be no Summer Shimmy!

Luna Sol Student Troupe
Kayla St G
Turkish Taffy Belly Dancers
Samurai Greg
Prairie Caravan
Natacha & Andrea
Sacred Flames with Tamara
Luna Sol
Eeva & Jaime
Kelsey & Crystal
Zahira Sujong
and Monique

Thank you also to:
Rob Cote for poster, ticket and program design. As well as for being our videographer once again. Rick, Laura, Kayla & Darcy for their help and support. Dan of One One Consultants for the printing. Christian Calvary of Chris Emotion Photography
Prairie Caravan for donating an extra $50 to the Shimmy!
Ken St Germaine who bid $150 for the painting, which was donated as well!
AND The staff of the Park Theatre for all their help.

(If you wish to see passed performances go to YouTube  HERE!)

Our TWO Charities for 2017

Craig Street Cats. 

 CSC is a feral cat management program and kitten rescue working with Winnipeg's 100,000+ community cats.  They are the only organization in Winnipeg that is actively working to humanely reduce the free roaming cat population in this city, and advocating for change to make that happen.  CSC is also the largest cat specific animal welfare organization in Winnipeg.

Steinbach & Area Animal Rescue Inc.

SAAR is a non-profit organization.  They are 100% volunteer based & the rescue is dedicated to finding forever homes for abandoned, homeless and surrendered companion animals. All of the animals in the care of Steinbach & Area Animal Rescue Inc. are in foster homes, one day they hope to have a permanent shelter for homeless animals in the southeastern Manitoba area. 

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